Thank you 2014, hello 2015

Hello, hello! I know this is a bit late post, but still I want to say thank you to the year 2014. But before completely moving on to the year of the sheep I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the year 2014. This year has been a blessed year for me. Though there are bad memories, happenings, and my online blogging is not that fruitful, still I am thankful because I am able to survive. With the little earnings, I am still able to pay my bills, buy the things that I need. The only bad thing is that I still have unpaid obligations. I do hope that these obligations will be settled sooner. Again, thank you very much 2014 for the wonderful year!

Now, I want to say hello and welcome year 2015. Just like before, I wish that this year will be a fruitful one. More blessings for my blogging earning, complete family, good health, and more love to share to everyone. 2015 has just started and I can say that blogging wise, it is a slow start but I am praying for more blessings. I hope, wish and pray that this 2015 is a good one. Happy New Year and let’s all be blessed this year of the sheep. Cheers!

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