The Microsoft Lumia

I was looking for a new phone before when I heard of this Lumia phone. It was a new phone model then manufactured by Nokia. It is a nice phone and I wanted to have it however, I cannot afford to have it. I like Nokia phones because it is user friendly. I have been a Nokia phone user since the day I got my first phone. It was 10 years ago, as I remember. Now, there have been new brands of phones in the market, new style, lots of features and much more, affordable and user friendly too. There are lots of phone to use from, I must say.

But when I heard about this Microsoft Lumia, I got curious. I read information about this new brand of smartphones. Actually it is not really new brand because Microsoft Lumia is a mobile devices manufactured and marketed by Microsoft mobile. This Microsoft Lumia is a result of the long partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. The Nokia branding will slowly phase out but no need to worry Nokia lovers because they still do exist but when the different name, they are now under the Microsoft branding. They will be manufacturing better smartphones.

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