Warning: Battery Exhausted

Every event that the nieces and nephew attended, I always go with them because I do not want to miss it and brought my camera with me to take some photos for their remembrance. Last November 26, 2014 was their National Reading Month culmination. The night before the event, I checked the battery of my camera because I do not want to happen it again when I brought the camera during their recognition day last year and it went exhausted. I ended up taking pictures using the camera in my phone. Good thing my phone has camera.lol

Since the battery is three bars, I am confident that it will not be exhausted fast. When the parade started, I took six photos of the kids. My camera has 15x zoom, so I can still take photos even if I am far. But when the contest proper started, there is warning that the battery is exhausted. Oh no, not again! I am really frustrated because I cannot use my camera anymore. We are not allowed to take photos near the stage and it doubles my frustration. Even if I am far, I still used my phone taking photos of the kids. Some photos are clear and some are not. Next time, I will make sure the battery of my camera is full bar. Even if it has three bars, I will still charge it to make sure.

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