We can’t contact him

Few days ago, we are commemorating the death anniversary of my late mother. It has been 26 years since she left us. Just like the previous years, we visited her tomb; light candles for her and offers prayers for her. The mother’s death anniversary is one of the important dates/events in the family. Remembering her day is one way of letting her know that we remember her always, love her and that she has special place in our hearts. However, the celebration is not complete because the youngest in the family is not with us. He did not able to come and visit the tomb of our mother.

It is so sad that the younger brother did not able to come. We have tried to contact him few days before the death anniversary of our mother, but we can’t reach his number. We do not know if he uses the same number or got a new one. Though we did not able to contact him, still we are hoping that he will come for the mother’s death anniversary. We just guess, he chooses not to come because his wife is no longer welcome in our home. She committed a sin that is too difficult for us to forgive her. Our only means of communication is through mobile phone, hopefully we will be able to contact him soon.

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