Make sure to have back-ups

Every events moments, celebrations, and the likes whether it is big or small we like to take photos for remembrance. Photos help us remember happenings in the past. It is also nice to look back of the old photos, to see our looks before and the places we have been visited. To me, it is a joy in my hear t to look back all the photos in the past. I like to remember the things from before when I was younger and the family is still complete. Because photos are treasure to me, I see to it I have back-up so when the photos in my camera accidentally deleted I do not have to worry because I have extra copy.

It was an online blogger friend told me to always save back-ups of photos, files and important documents just in case my original files are corrupted. Since then, I make it a habit to save back-ups always. I am saying this after what had happened to my sister’s 700 plus photos in her camera. The niece’s accidentally deleted all the photos in her camera and she does not extra copy of all the photos. She gets angry because the photos are of his two sons, their birthday, their bonding, baptism/christening, Christmas and New Year, and important events of their life. If only she could turn back the time, she would save back-ups. The photos now are only in their memories. She learned lesson from what happened and said she will save back-ups next time.

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