A very techie kid

The nephew started playing games on the tablet when I brought him once at the SSS (Social Security Service) to pay my contribution. I have to let him play while waiting for our number to be called for him to not feel bored. The tablet keeps him busy I must say. I am so thankful that day because he just sits down and playing games in the tablet. Times like this, I can say I appreciate the existence of the modern technologies like gadgets. Aside from we can use it in business matters, surfing over the internet; it can also entertain to not feel bored while waiting.

The addicted of the nephew in playing gadgets started then.   But I have to limit him from using it because it is not good at his age. Until his father got a presents from his boss from working so hard. The present was a tablet. I can tell he is the happiest boy in the world. Since he doesn’t know how to operate it, he is just watching his father or mother operating the tablet. He is indeed a smart kid because he memorized what he saw. He now knows how to operate the tablet and knows how to install games. He knows better than me. He is a very techie kid and I am really surprised. Even so, we still have to limit him on playing for his own good.

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