Sending picture via Bluetooth is not working

I have many photos of nephews and nieces in my tablet. Every time I get bored, I will just looking at the photos and videos of them. It is a stress relieving looking at their innocent faces making a pose and their stolen shoots. When I need a photo of them to share in my blogs, I just connect my tablet to my laptop and transfer photos. I haven’t tried transferring photos via Bluetooth yet. Anyways, the sister has her tablet now. And she wants some of her sons’ photos to be transferred to her tablet. I opened one photo and turning on Bluetooth so I can send the photo to her tablet. It says sending photo but we have waited for minutes and the photo wasn’t transferred. It is not working, so to speak.

I took the manual of my tablet, read on how to open the Bluetooth so the transfer will be complete. But still it isn’t working. Yes, we are frustrated. I have to bring the tablet to the customer service and have them fix it for me. I guess there was a mistake when I turn on the Bluetooth. I don’t really know. The sister tried to send photo from her tablet to mine, but she can’t detect my unit. The frustration is kicking in, arghs! I need to visit the customer service sooner.

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