Screen protector for my tablet

My tablet does not have screen protector because the casing that I have bought is enough to protect my tablet’s screen. I also thought that buying screen protector is just another expenses and I do not need it that much. However, I have seen scratch on my tablet’s screen. I felt sad looking at the screen of my tablet. I do not know who did it since it is the nephews and the nieces always played with it. I regret then that I did not buy screen protector. Luckily there is only one scratch. I guess it is time to buy screen protector. Meanwhile, I have to keep my tablet in the closet and do not allow the kids to play with it.

While at the mall accompanying the sister, I took the opportunity to buy screen protector since I brought my tablet with me. Good thing I have extra to in my wallet, plus they are on sale, so the price of the screen protector is affordable. After putting the screen protector, the screen of my tablet is very nice to look at. The scratch is not that visible now. Screen protector is unexpected expenses, but I do not have any regrets since I have thought of buying one. However, even if the tablet does have screen protector, I am not allowing the kids to play with it anymore. I hope!

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