Temporarily deactivated

It was Sunday and I decided to not go online. I need to rest and relax away from the laptop. I do not have the energy to update my blogs as well because blogging nowadays is very slow. It is really painful to me that my bread and butter are slowly fading. Though I still hope and pray that it will comes back to the way it was before. I put in my mind that blogging/bloggers are just facing a bit crisis and it will bounce back sooner. I still have the faith it online earning like blogging.

However, I did not able to keep myself away from my laptop. I turn my laptop on to read emails and to watch Korean drama online. I have tried several times to connect to the internet but it doesn’t let me. I try to troubleshoot and reconnect again but still I was not connected to the internet. Until I received a message saying that they temporarily deactivated my account. It says I have to settle first my overdue account for them to reconnect my internet connection. OMG, I forgot to pay my internet bill again. My Sunday was a relaxing day away from online world because account deactivation.

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