Writing interims using my tablet

Every time I am writing interim for my blog I used my laptop. I just saved in my files what I have wrote and paste it on my blogs when I need to update my blogs. I write in advance when I do not have much to do and I feel bored. I want to my day to be fruitful that is why I am writing while killing the time. Sometimes I do not feel like opening my laptop. I just want to lay down, resting and relaxing. Even so I am resting and relaxing, my mind is wandering around thinking of so many things. If I am not lazy, I have written many interim while lying down.

I am thankful I have tablet now. I can write even when I am laying down. I can write while watching television. I do not have to open my laptop every time I feel like writing because I can use my tablet, saved it and transferred it to my laptop to paste it in my blogs. I find my tablet more useful now. I do not have the regret feeling of buying it anymore because my tablet is helping me. So, when I am tired sitting and facing my laptop for hours, I can lie down and continue writing using my beloved tablet. I am glad I bought tablet.

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