So in love with my tablet

I can’t get enough of my tablet after it is fixed. I have downloaded lots of my favorite Korean songs. I am always listening to the music every day. Yes, every day because every time I am listening to the Korean songs, I felt inspired and in love. Even though I don’t really understand fully what is the message/story of the songs, still listening to it because of the awesome melody. I understand some words though from watching Korean drama with English translations. So, when I get bored, I will get my tablet and listening to the Korean songs.

I am not bored listening to the same songs every day, however, I felt like downloading movies on my tablet. It would be a great diversion if I am done listening to music, or I prefer to rest and watching my favorite love story movies. I have downloaded some in my laptop and still waiting till it fully downloaded and transferred it to my tablet. I am excited to transfer the movies that I have downloaded so I can start watching it while waiting for the nephew’s dismissal at school. Watching while waiting for the dismissal is a good idea, right?

I am so in love with my tablet now.

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