The Lost Things

I am not sleepy yet so I am browsing in the computer, reading articles and chatting.  While the site is still loading I open the pictures I have downloaded in my laptop.  I felt sad after seeing my lost bracelet and my lost phone.  I lost the two valuable things in my life in a row.  I remember the bracelet that my sister has gave me three months ago.  She bought me an anti-radiation bracelet since I spent more time facing the computer.  I hate myself for I lost it.  I have tried to find it inside the house but failed to see it.  And just last month I lost my new phone.  Well, it was stolen in my bags and I do not know who did it.

The photos of my valuable things that were lost make me feel sad.  I am not careful enough that is why it was lost.  I am sad for I will not be able to locate it and all I have is the memories.  The phone that was lost is the fruit of my labor that makes me difficult to forget it.  Up to now I am still trying to contact my phone but still not ringing. My hope is fading and I have accepted it completely.

I have learned my lessons from what had happened.  I swear that I should take extra careful next time because I cannot afford to lose any of my valuable things.

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