Thanks to the screen protector

The niece used to lend her three years old cousin her phone to play games. He is just three years old but he knows how to open and find games on the phones. I can say that he is a techie little one. I like it when he plays games on phone because he stays still, little messy in the living room and the house is not too noisy. Less running, quarrelling, shouting and fighting with each other. Gadgets can be helpful sometimes to make the little ones keep quiet and stay still. I know that is it not good to expose them at young age but I just keep my eyes closed sometimes. Sssh!

One morning while the nephew is playing, guess he felt bored and rubbing the phone on the floor. I am shocked as well as the niece (the owner of the phone) seeing the scratches on her phone screen. I guess he converted the phone into a toy car. I am so worried looking at the niece’s phone. I asked her immediately if her phone has screen protector because I did not buy screen protector when I gave it to her. I am glad it has screen protector. Her phone still looks good and the screen is not damage. Thanks to the screen protector. Now, the nephew is not allowed to play on her phone anymore.

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