Addicted to play games

It started when I brought him with me paying at the SSS. No one will look after him so I brought him with me. My number was 932 when we arrived at the SSS. It is a long way to go. It would be a long waiting. After an hour of waiting, the three years old nephew gets bored. I gave him candy, biscuits, and the toys that I brought but those did not help him ease the boredom. The last option that I have is to let him play the games I have downloaded in my mobile phone. It helps, and I feel relieve.

We arrived at the SSS at 1 O’clock in the afternoon and my number was called at four O’clock. It was a long waiting I must say. I am thankful to my gadget because the nephew stays still playing the games I have in my phone. However, the addiction started. Every morning, he is asking for my phone because he wants to play, in the afternoon and even at night. We make stories that it is not good to keep playing because his eyes and his fingers will get hurt. But he has his weapon for us to allow him keep playing, the crying. He cries very loudly. We know that this addiction is not good at his age; we are doing our hardest to stop him from playing games on gadgets. I hope his going to school will make him stop this addiction.

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