Happy that my tablet is now fixed

My tablet that was broke months ago is now fixed. I brought it to the customer service of the store where I bought it to have them fixed it. It is still under warranty so the service is free; all I have to pay is the damaged part/s. I am so happy that it is back as good as new and can use it as often as I could. I missed playing the games that was downloaded in my tablet. It cost me a bit to have my tablet fix and it makes me sad but I have to spend to bring the tablet back into good condition. It was my three years old nephew who broke it but the mother (my sister) doesn’t have extra to pay the amount.

I am happy that it is now fixed but the nephews and nieces are sad. Yes, they are sad because I do not allow them to touch and play with my tablet. I have to be cautious now. I have to be strict when it comes to my gadget because once it is damaged; I am the one who will pay to have it fixed. I have learned my lessons when I saw in my own two eyes my broken tablet. It breaks my heart to see the damaged fruit of my labor. Forgive me kids for not letting you borrowed my tablet anymore. This is for the better. You can borrow it when you grow older. Wink*

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