I miss my tablet

It has been two months since my tablet is broken.  I did not able to have it fix yet because I am always running out of budget.  I have other priorities so I set is aside.  Also, I am still pissed of what had happen to my tablet.  I am blaming myself for letting the kids play with it.  I should have been stricter and did not allow them to touch it.  Well, the damage has been done and I cannot undo it.  My table is six months old when the nephew broke it.  The fruit of my labor is broken because it slips on the nephew’s hands.

I was cleaning my drawer when I saw my tablet.  It has been stocked in there for months.  I did not able to enjoy playing and surfing with it much.  I so missed my tablet now.  I missed playing with it, taking picture, looking at pictures and listening to the music that I have downloaded.  I planned to download my favorite movies there but I cannot do it now because it is not fixing yet.  I wish I have the money now so I can bring it to the customer service of the store where I bought it.  It is still in warranty period so the service fee is for free.  I will just pay for the replace parts.  I hope sooner because I so missed my tablet.

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