To wake them up

When I was in my elementary, I learned to wake up early to prepare for school.  My mother is no longer around to fix our breakfast, school uniforms, shoes and everything before going to school.  We have to do it on our own because the mother passed away early.  We do not have alarm clock then, so we have to set our mind and eyes to wake up early.  We became more responsible individual because we do not anyone to defend on.  My father was always out of town because of his job and comes back every weekend.  It was an early burden for us, but still I am thankful because we learned to be independent.

I am saying this because the nieces, does not wake up on their own.  In fact they have several absences at school because they did not able to wake up early.  They only defend on their father to wake them up.  However, there are instances that their father is so tired from work and did not able to wake up even with the noise from the alarm clock.  Due to this incident/s I thought of buying an alarm clock for the girls.  When I was at their age I manage to set my mind and eyes to wake up early, and I guess they can do it too.  It would be simpler for them if we have alarm clock for them.  We can use the advancement of the technology today.  So, I will buy alarm clock soon to help them wakes up.

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