Importance of SEO and Internet Marketing

I am managing multiple blogs/websites.  I have been doing it for almost three years now.  I monetize some of my blogs/websites too.  It is my bread and butter I must say.  However, lately I am having some difficulty in monetizing it.  Someone told me that I should work more with the SEO (Search Engine Optimation).   I should double my effort to make my website more visible in the search engine.  I guess I should work in increasing backlinks/inbound links in my blogs/websites.  It would take efforts, time and dedication to make it happen.  Also, I should work in posting relevant information to attract more visitors.  So, if you own a business or websites and you want to promote it, you can try the internet marketing.  This strategy will make your website/business visible; more visitors will come and eventually will become your loyal clients.  They have all the tools you needed to turn you into a successful website/business owner.  I will for sure try this strategy because I want to succeed in the field I choose to grow and be successful person.

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