Selling the old phone to my sister

After buying my Samsung Galaxy Y Dous phone, I told myself that I will be using this phone for a longer time and this would be the last time I am going to buy.  However, we sometimes do not keep we promised, right?  Because I am thinking of buying a new phone.  My current phone is still in good condition and I so love this phone because this is the fruit of my labor.  I do not want to let it of this phone, but I have to if I wanted to buy a new one.  What makes me sad is that I have to sell it on a lower price.  The value depreciates and it is really makes me so sad.

Since I thought of selling it, I offered the sister first if she wants it.  It is best to sell it within the family so I won’t be so sad if the price is very low.  The sister likes it and said she will buy it.  But I have to wait for the summer because that’s the time she has extra.  I have to wait till summer to buy the phone that I want.  I do hope that it is still available in that time.

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