Helping her out

We work to survive, to buy what we needs and wants, support and help.  It is always good to see the fruit of our labor, right?  For me, when I have extra, I see to it that I will buy something as a remembrance.  May it be a clothes, gadgets, household stuffs or treat the family to a sumptuous meal.  I always make sure that I have a good memory with that extra that I have.  I have bought several stuffs from working online.  I am happy about it because I am able to buy what I like, needs and help the family in my own little way.

Anyways, the reason I am saying this is because the nanny of my nephew’s really remind me of myself back when I was working in the office and in the factory.  We do have the same views why we need to find a job.  She has been a nanny to my nephews for eight months now.  In her eight months, she has been buying things she wants/like and needs.  Also sent some help to her family in the province.  Right now her aim is to buy new phone for herself.  She wants a touch screen cellphone and phone that is WiFi ready.  Since she is not yet familiar in the city, I am accompanying her and helping her out to pick the nice phone to buy.  We are done window shopping last weekend, and she already picked the one she likes.  This weekend, we will be going to the store again and buy the touch screen cellphone she likes.  Congratulations to her in advance.

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