The screen is cracked

A week ago, my nephew accidentally fall my tablet on the floor.  It slips from his hands while playing.  It fells badly that causes cracked on the screen.  I am mad about it, but what can I do, the damage is already done.  If I could turn back the time, I will not let him play with it.  I did not think it fall because I have always told him to be careful and stay where he is while playing.  Well, accident do happened unexpectedly.  All I can do is to accept it and got it fixed.  It just makes me sad thinking that my tablet is only five months old.  And I haven’t used it that much.

I will bring it to the customer of the store where I bought it and see if they could fix it.  I am willing to pay the broken parts.  I do hope that the service is free since it is still in warranty period.  When it is fixed, I will not allow any of my nephews and nieces to play with it.  This is a lesson learn for me.  It is difficult to trust young ones/kids.  One of these days, I will have it fix and when it is done, I keep it in my closet and locked it.  Prevention is better than cure so to speak.

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