Prefers to do the research online than going to the library

Gone are the days where students used to go to the library every time they have an assignment or a research paper to make.  They prefer to do the research on the internet rather than to go to the library and gather the books needed for the research.  When I was a student, I never missed to go to the library.  Although I can do the research online but I do not have money to go to the internet café to research.  That is why I go to the library.  In my opinion, I’d rather go to the library because there is peace and quiet.  It make take more time to find what I am looking for, but thinking of the effort I am going to make, to me it is fulfilling.

Anyways, I am saying this because the niece has an assignment to make and their teacher told them to research online.  Their teacher is telling them to use the computer than to go to the library.  Well, I guess they are trying to teach their students to familiarize them on how to use the computer as it is what people prefers to do in this modern world.  Good training for them I must say, but still I’d like the niece to appreciate the important of books.  I know that using the modern technology makes the search easy and fast, that is why many prefer to use it.  However, let us not forget that books are still effective and books also help develop the reading skills of every student.

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