Buying a second hand is not bad at all

A friend of mind always borrows the guitar and the music book of my brother every time he is off from work. Playing guitar is his favorite past time. He never gets tired of playing the guitar the whole day. He wanted to buy his own guitar but the one he likes is a bit expensive. To him it is better to just borrow for a while until such time he comes up with the amount he needed to buy the guitar he wants. However, an opportunity comes. Someone is selling his la patrie guitar at a very affordable amount. The friend is thinking of grabbing it but before he decides, he asked me if it is okay to buy a second hand guitar. I saw the item and it is still looks good. So I told him to grab it because it is the guitar that he so wanted to have. Buying a second hand one is not bad at all, you just have to make sure that it is still in good condition.

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