Needs to be clean again

Two years ago the sister bought air-condition for instalment basis because they do not have enough budget to buy it in cash.  Time really fly so fast because they had it fully paid three months ago.  It was a mission accomplished to the sister and her husband.  However, part of the obligation of owning this kind of appliances is the maintenance.  They have to clean it regularly so it will give enough cool.  The first time their A/C is making some noise because of the dust, the sister’s husband has a friend who knows how to clean the A/C.  Since it is her husband’s friend, they pay lesser.

Months had passes since the last time it was cleaned up.  Now the A/C needs some cleaning again.  Aside from the noise, the A/C blows a dust and smells dust.  Unfortunately, the one who did the cleaning the last time is no longer available.  The sister needs someone to clean it.  We have been asking in the village if there is someone who can do the cleaning, but haven’t found yet.  Hopefully we can find someone soon before the sister can’t stand the noise, dust and the smell of the dust.  I have thought of buying A/C at home too, but realizing the maintenance, and the other problems in the future, I guess I have to stick to electric fan. Lol  Besides, I do not have budget yet.

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