It eases the boredom

Six hours traveling by bus, six hours by vessel/ship and two hours to reach our destination which is the province of my grandparents isn’t easy, boredom will really strikes you.  Though I have been traveling to this place many times already, still I am not getting used to it.  I still feel the boredom.  I really wish that I do not have to go through all of it but I do not have a choice since I live very far from my grandparent’s province.  I know traveling is fun because we get to see nice things while traveling meeting new people and make friends, but at my age where I easily get tired I feel the boredom.

Last week, my brother and I went to Bohol, Philippines (province of my grandparents) for important reason.  Thinking about the time I have to endure to reach the province makes me feel really tired and bored.  Good thing I brought with me my tablet.  I enjoyed playing games uploaded in my tablet while traveling.  It really eases the boredom.  I did not notice the time passes.  Thanks to my tablet.  I can tell now that buying this gadget is worth it.  Though I did not able to use it doing my online job, yet I can still use it in other ways.

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