It is not compatible

 photo b000cf16-25f2-44aa-8fdf-3914dcded541_zpse04cbc2e.jpgI have mentioned in my earlier posts about buying USB AF to MICRO USB so I can browse in the internet using my Globe Tattoo broadband.  I do not have WiFi at home; also there is no WiFi available near our house.  I cannot use my tablet at home because no internet connection.  I thought of applying to another internet provider that has Wifi, however, thinking of giving up my current internet provider makes me sad.  I have been subscribing for three years already and so far I am satisfied with it, so the thought of going to another internet provider is not possible.  This is the reason I am buying USB AF to MICRO USB.

I am so excited to use the USB AF to MICRO USB that I have bought.  However, I cannot connect in the internet.  I have tried many ways already but still I can’t connect and I am so frustrated.  The following day, I went to the store where I bought it so they can try it for me.  Their technician tried many ways and he can’t connect to so he checks the compatibility of the two.  Unfortunately the USB AF that I have bought is not compatible to my tablet. Sigh!  I cannot use it unless I will change my Globe broadband stick.  But the stick is so expensive; I guess I just have to accept it.  When I have extra, I will for sure buy new Globe Broadband stick so I can browse and blog using my tablet.

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