Finally I have new earphone

 photo 10f56335-7284-4a7d-8fcd-b60545b4defc_zps82545181.jpgI have mentioned in my previous post about my broken earphone.  It is no longer working because the nephew bites it.  I am sad and angry but it is no use because it is no longer working.  I have visited to a store that sells cheap and affordable earphone but I did not find the one I am looking for.  They are only selling earphone that does not have microphone.  The prices of their earphones is tempting though because it is really very cheap, but thinking that it has no earphone, I have to say no.  Anyways, there are lots of store out there.  I just have to be patient in going to one store to another.

After five stores, I found the one I am looking for, the color, the brand and the style.  I can say it is perfect.  Indeed patience is a virtue.  Going to five store isn’t easy I must say.  I have to walk to go to another store, and sometimes ride a public vehicle but it is paid off because I got what I am looking for finally.  I can now listen to my favorite songs that I have uploaded in my phone, can now listen to the radio in my phone, and talk over the phone using my earphone.  See the image of my new earphone.

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One Response to “Finally I have new earphone”

  1. Mona says:

    nice samsung pa .. pwede rin while watching korean 🙂