Useless purchase?

My main reason why I bought tablet is for me to do my online stuffs when I am lazy opening my laptop.  Sometimes I wanted to stay in bed and putting my laptop on my lap.  But I am tired of doing it so I opted to buy tablet.  It is easy to carry and too small.  I can use it even if I am lying in bed.  Also, I like the thought of playing games downloaded in my tablet.  Playing games on the tablet eases the boredom sometimes.  Anyways, I have bought my tablet two months ago and I haven’t tried using it in doing my online stuffs because it needs to have Wi-Fi connection.  Unfortunately I do not have Wi-Fi at home.

I hate to say this, but I guess buying tablet is a useless purchase.  I can’t use it blogging because of the internet connection issue.  In games I can say it is great but using in blogging a big NO.  Many say that I can use my stick (Globe Broadband Stick) on it.  I just have to buy a USB AF to MICRO USB.  I do not know what it is and what it looks like.  When I have the time and extra, I would buy this gadget needed so I can use my tablet in composing and posting article in my blogs.  I really hope soon so my regretful feeling buying the tablet will go away.  For the meantime, I will enjoy playing games on my tablet.

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