One way of releasing stress

Among the music instruments that I have seen, for me the most difficult one to play is the drum. It’s because it needs to have force and timing for you to be able to give good sound and perfect sound. I have watched someone back when I was in college. He was a member of the drum and bugle. It took him months to master it. He felt pain in his wrists, shoulder, back and arms. Hitting drums isn’t that easy I must say. But still there are ones who are hook into this kind of music instruments. Some say hitting drums is one way of releasing stress. They have a point there. Lol I am too stressful these days and I want to release it for once, maybe I will buy new vic firth drums at musicians friend for me to be able to release the stress anytime at home. I will be thinking about it. Also, it would be great to practise hitting the drums and maybe create good sound so the family will have a little jamming at home. We have guitars, microphone and speakers.

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