My headset is no longer working

The headset of my phone is no longer working after one year of using it.  It is because my nephew is biting it without my knowledge.  I did not notice that while I was listening to music, the nephew who is sitting on my lap is very busy biting the cable.  I am angry of course, but there is useless for it will not be connected again.  I can no longer listen to FM station through my phone at night because I do not have head seat anymore.  My brother has tried to fix it but the wires are too thin, he can’t fix it.  He suggested that it is best to buy new headset for my phone.

I am sad because even though I can buy new headset, I cannot have the original one.  Original one is still best to use because some plastic of the class A headset makes me ears ache like the headset that my brother bought when his headset is busted.  I so wish I can find the same headset that I have (the original one).  I went to the store where I bought my cell phone, but there is no available original headset.  Makes me so sad, I guess I have to bear with the class A headset until I find an original one.

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