It’s time to buy a lampshade

Since I started online job, sleeping so late is normal to me.  At first I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open till midnight to do my tasks online but now I am getting used to it.  If I ever can do my tasks at day time, I could sleep early.  Unfortunately I cannot do any tasks at day time because the kids keep me busy.  I do not have the time to face my computer because I have to watch the kids always.  That is why I can do my online tasks at night when there is peace and quiet.  Yes, you are right; I am like a night owl.

Facing the computer at night with poor lights, makes my eyes hurt.  I am used to it though, but lately I noticed that I cannot face the computer longer.  My eyes become teary.  I guess I need to have lampshade on my computer table.  I cannot let my eyes suffer from the light of the screen.  I do not use glasses to protect my eyes so I think it would be best to have lampshade to add more light.  If only my room has enough space so I cannot move my computer table to have better light.  Another thing to spend huh?  It doesn’t matter though, for this is for my eyes sake.

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