Thanks for the nebulizer

The nephew has asthma symptoms when he was little.  During those times, we just buy medicines that were prescribed by the pediatrician.   As he grows older, the symptoms develop and now he has asthma.  I pity my nephew because every time the asthma attacks, he has hard time in breathing.  Since we do not have nebulizer, we have to bring him to the nearest clinic.  We want to buy nebulizer so we do not have to go to the clinic but thinking about what the pediatrician that the nephew might outgrow it when he reaches seven.  We hope that he will outgrow it so we do not need to buy nebulizer.

Because the nephew is suffering from severe asthma attacks, the SIL’s told her sister about it.  Luckily, their niece does have nebulizer because her son has asthma.  Now that her son is seven, they are no longer using the nebulizer because the asthma has gone as her son grows older.  She gave the nebulizer to my nephew.  We are thankful because we do not have to bring the nephew to the clinic and pay for using their apparatus.  We can save from the payment we have to make when we bring the nephew to the clinic.  Thanks to the SIL’s niece for giving to us their nebulizer.

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