Establishing free-tech zone

Kids today are more addicted to play games in the internet, cell phones, IPhones, IPods and the likes.  They are more expose to the gadgets and the latest in technology.  It does helps them especially when they do research and doing assignments.  It is very convenient if they have gadgets like laptop or IPads or tablet where they can do research.  However, too much exposure to the screen is not good for their eyes and health.   And since they are kids, they are not aware of the danger when they expose their eyes facing the screen too much, especially when they are hooked to a certain games.  We are all aware of the different games online that will tempt the young ones to play and play.

Too much exposure to computers and online world does also affect the behaviour of the young ones.  That is why parent should take an action to limit the exposure to screen and establish free-tech zone.   Since they used these gadgets most of the time when they are out of the house or while at school, it is best not to allow them to use these gadgets at home so they can rest especially their eyes, unless it is important.   Free-tech zone at home also important so the family (kids and parents) will spend quality time while at home.  To make it more effective, parents also are not allowed to use laptops, IPods, Tablet, cellphone and the likes at home.  They have to set an example.

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