Downloading more games

Downloading games in my cell phone is not in my priority because I bought my phone so I can be contacted by my family, friends, close relatives and by the company that I am applying for.   I am contented with the free downloaded two games in my cell phone.  I have been using my phone for a year now and so far I am liking it and enjoying the games in there.  However, when I went to social security system (SSS) to pay my contribution, I got bored waiting for my number.  I arrived at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and I was able to pay my contribution after four hours.  Imagine the time I have waited for my number to be called.  I was playing the games in my phone while waiting for my turn.  Four hours of playing the same game is a boring but I do not have any choice because I only have two games downloaded.

Because I get bored playing the same game over and over again, I thought of downloading more games in my cell phone.  I have search nice games to be installed in my phone because I want nice games and not so complicated.  I already have some games in my mind; I will just add more games so I have more options to choose.  It would be nice to play more than two games so when I get bored I will go to other game/s.

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