CD tape no more

Back then during weekend, the sister and I always go to video shop to rent CD’s to watch.  We spend few bucks just to watch our favorite movies/films.  It is very much affordable compared to going to cinema.  Even though we are two months late, we are able to watch the movie/s we like.  We rent romance movies for the sister and I, action and horror for the father and brothers and also cartoons for the kids.  It a bit costly but we do not mind it because we make our weekend fun and exciting.  Watching movies is the common bonding that the family always does.

With the technology that we have right now, we do not have to go to video shop to rent CD’s.  We just download movies that we haven’t watch yet and put it in the USB.  The sister just bought bigger USB with higher gigabytes so we can download more movies.  We just insert the USB to our television and then we can start watching movies.  We can also watch the movies/films on the computer or laptop.  It is more fun to watch movies in our abode and eating popcorn, right?  I appreciate it more than going to the cinema.  CD tape no more for the family.

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