My new gadget

 photo tablet_zps0192690d.jpgAgain, I am not techie and I am not into collecting gadgets.  After buying laptop, digital camera and new cell phone, I stopped dreaming of buying a new gadget, though I like to have tablet, just that it is impossible for now.  I have my priorities, also it is not a must have for me.  The most important is I have my laptop that is my partner in doing my jobs online.  The only issue is that it is too heavy to bring it with me every time I go out of the house.  That is why I dream to have my own tablet.  Having a tablet will make me still connected anytime and anywhere I go.

However, an opportunity comes my way.  In the group where I am a member is offering a tablet payable in a year.  It made me smile because I get the chance to have my own tablet now.  I applied and luckily they accepted my application.  Now I am enjoying my new gadget, my humble tablet that I so loved and enjoyed.  This tablet will not only help me in doing my online stuffs but will also entertain me with the games I will going to download.  Thanks God for the blessing indeed!

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