Jewelry Investment

I got the idea when I went to the pawnshop and pawn my necklace.  While waiting for my turn, I was able to talk to the attendant at the pawnshop.  She shared to me that it is good to have jewelry investment because I can lean on it when I am in need of money and for emergency.  She is really right, because the reason I am pawning my necklace is because my nephew is in the hospital and the brother need money for them to be discharge.  Since they do not have money yet, I offer the necklace.  So, now I am into buying gold jewelry as investment since I do not know yet the good business to put up.  I guess this is a wise investment for me so I am looking at the wholesale gold jewelry of what would be the nice jewelry to buy that suits my budget.  Also, looking for a jewelry that will look good on me.

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