Eases the boredom

For me, hospital is the most boring place especially if you are watching the patient.  This is what I have experienced when my older brother was sick and confined at the hospital.  I have the one attending him since other members of the family are working.  I have to be there when the doctor or nurse wants me to buy more medicines and when the brother needs something.  It was tiring and boring to be there.  No one to talk to when the brother is sleeping.  I sleep very late and wake up very early.  I have to stay awake till 2 o’clock in the morning.

I am glad I brought with me my laptop.  It eases the boredom I felt inside the hospital.  I am able to talk to my friends through internet and able to watch movies.  I can say it was a relief that I have my laptop with me.  The eldest brother did the same thing when his son was confined in the hospital.  He borrowed the laptop of my sister because he said it is so boring there.  He can’t borrow mine though because I am working online.  I am using my laptop.  The boredom of my brother and SIL at the hospital eases watching movies downloaded in the laptop and playing games as well.

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