Card number is not correct

To get the code from PayPal that was sent to me through my online banking account, I have to open my account there.  I have read the instruction very carefully for me to not commit another mistake.  I had several mistakes earlier that cost me lost some from my account.  It is very difficult to accept thinking that the money went away for nothing.  It is the price I have to pay for not following instructions I guess.  Anyways, I am so happy that I am closer to finish linking my EON card online. 

However, after putting my card numbers as my temporary user id and my password, the word ‘card number is not correct’ on my screen.  I do not have idea what went wrong.  I am so desperate to get the code number but cannot open my account.  I asked help from friends and they all said I have to call the customer service to help me login and get the code.  I really wanted to scream and nag at someone why my card is not correct.  I cannot call the hotline because I do not have landline.  I tried my mobile phone but I won’t connect.  I guess I have to go to my bank to ask what went wrong with my card number and hopefully they can fixed it so I can login and get my code number.

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