Just too noisy for me, but will try one day

No matter how I wanted to like the sound of it, I really do not like hearing myself playing drums. I prefer the guitar because it is friendly to my ears. It’s just too noisy for me. I may be boring because others do like hearing and beating the drums. We do have our preference though. I am speaking for myself here, because others do really like this instrument. To them it is challenging and good way to eliminate the stress by heating the drums. It works for them I must say. So to those individual who loves this instrument and so into it, try the excellent Electronic Drums at musician’s friend. You will appreciate more this instrument. After hearing someone playing drums at the concert, I might try this too one day, not too soon though. I just have to hit it slowly first time, when my ears are adjusting I will try to increase the tempo when hitting the drums.

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