Is not playing in dvd player

I am so happy after successfully burning on blank cd the songs that I have downloaded in my laptop.  It took me almost an hour to figure it out how to do it.  And when I successfully done, I played it in my laptop it is working.  I am so happy about it.  It is like winning a million dollars in the lottery.  I am looking forward to play it on our dvd player one day.   I want to hear it from our speaker.  It would be nice to hear it loudly without using the head set of my laptop.

Finally, I got the chance to play my collection of Korean love songs.  I am so excited and waiting for it to play.  However, no sounds come out.  I reload the cd again but still it is not playing at all.  My excitement dies because it didn’t work out.  I guess I have to wait for my brother who knows much better about me in operating the player.  Upon my request the brother tried to play it.  But we get the same result.  Then the brother told me that it didn’t match.  How frustrating that can be?  It was a success but at the same time a failure.  I guess I have to use the laptop when I want to hear my favorite Korean songs.  Next time I will burn songs on cd, I make sure it matches to our cd player.

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