Updating the antivirus

The sister has been using the laptop that I gave her for a year now.  She decided to reformat it because she is encountering some issues.  She is enjoying using her laptop when she noticed that her laptop does not have antivirus.  The computer technician forgets to put antivirus on her computer.  Her data in the document file in her laptop are not safe.  It is not hard though to install antivirus because there are lots of antivirus that she can download it for free.  The only problem is that she does not have the time and internet connection to do it so she told me to do it for her.

I have already downloaded the free antivirus on the sister’s laptop.  Her data in the document file are not safe.  When there is any malicious/virus threat the antivirus will block it.  It is really great to have antivirus that is free to use.  We do not have to spend some to ensure the security of our date in our computer.  Right now, I am updating the antivirus for the sister’s laptop.  Have to do it every week to make sure that files/data are safe.

How about you? What antivirus you are using?  Does it for free or you have to pay for it every time you update and upgrade it?

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