Having their own mobile phones

The brother is thinking of buying his daugthers a mobile phones so that they can easily be contacted at school, also because the nieces are practising to go home on their own.  We do not like the idea, however, to make the nieces gain confidence and independence, we agreed.  But after knowing that lots of valuable stuffs are gone missing, the brother decided not to, besides the sister teaches at the school where the nieces are studying.  She can check on the kids from time to time.  But one day, the niece did not able to go home early because of the heavy rain.  We are so worried because it is already six in the evening and she is not home yet.  She supposed to be home at 4:30 in the afternoon.

The brother went to their school to check on her.  But she is not there.  Minutes passed after six in the evening, the niece arrives.  Our worries are gone because he arrives home safely.  She really knows how to go home alone, just that she stuck up in traffic because of the heavy rains.  Because of what had happened, the brother decided to really buy his daughters a mobile phone so they can be contacted when bad things happened and to check on them whenever they are not home on the expected time.

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