Yes, Success!

I love listening to music online.  It inspires me while I am writing the tasks that were given to me.  I got lots of idea when I am listening to music, though I did not understand the lyrics because it is all Korean songs.  Well, I am just listening to the melody.  The melody of the songs is really nice that inspires me a lot.  I uploaded all my favorite Korean songs in the computer first since I do not have CD yet.  I did asked the brother on how to burn the songs from my computer to the CD.  I have tried burning before, but I did not able to burn it and I am so frustrated.  This time I want to try it again.

Yesterday, I bought blank CD so I can burn the Korean songs that I have uploaded in my computer.  I would like to play it in our CD player and hear it from the new speaker that my brother bought.  After several trying, burning is successful.  Yes!  Good thing I did not give up after seeing the error on my screen.  I just follow what my brother told me and keep trying.  I can now listen to my favorite Korean songs without opening my laptop.  I will download more songs and transferred it to CD.  I am more inspired now I must say.

What about you? What is your inspiration/s while doing your tasks?

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