My New Headphone

 photo GEDC1208_zpsc1fe55a2.jpgAfter doing my online tasks, I always watch movie/films online or listening to my favorite songs that I have uploaded in my laptop.  Since I do not have headphone, I temporarily used the headphone of my mobile phone because I am not contended of the house that comes out from the speaker of my laptop.  It is best to hear it clearly.  Unfortunately, the nephew is busy biting the cord of my headphone.  I wanted to spank him but he is just a kid.  It is my fault I guess because I did not put it in the safe place.

Because the headphone of my mobile phone isn’t working anymore, I need to buy headphone for my laptop.  My brother already told me of a store where to buy cheap headphones.  Yesterday I was able to buy new headphone after meeting some blogger friends.  I have plans though, but I never thought it was yesterday.  I just go with Kat because he is planning to buy microphone for her computer, while I am there, I remember that I planned to buy new headphone.  I was not able to buy early because I seldom go out because I have kids to take care off.  Yesterday is the day and I am grabbing it.  Now, I am enjoying listening to music and watching movies/films/drama series using my new headphone.

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