The juicer

 photo 2013-07-09180338_zpse221b816.jpgBecause the sister wanted to make her own carrot and apple juice, she bought a juicer.  It took her weeks to look for a cheaper one because the one that we saw in the bigger malls in the city is a bit expensive.  Expensive juicer is of good quality though, but the sister does not have enough budgets to buy an expensive one.  For the mean time she will buy a cheaper one.  When she has enough budgets, she will buy for a nice and expensive one for it sure will last longer.   After a month of looking for a cheaper juicer the sister found one.  She is so happy because she really wanted to have a juicer so she can make carrot and apple juice to drink every day.

Indeed the modern world is much easier because we can use kinds of machines, appliances, equipment to help us in so many ways.  Although they said that it is not good to be dependent to it, but we still are using it for our benefit and to make the job easy for us.  Making juice using this juicer is very easy.  We can just put the fruits inside and the appliance will do the job for us.  Making our own juice is more healthy compared the juices that we can buy in the supermarket.

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