USB for new files

Because the school is using the mother tongue, the teachers have to use new modules to teach the children.  The modules are supposed to be provided by the government.  Since it is not available yet, the teachers do not have any choice but to provide for themselves temporarily so they can applied it on their class.  Another paper works for the sister.  She is glad that she has her own laptop.  She does not have to use the school’s computer.  She can do the paper works at home.  She already have printer as well.  So paper works is a bit easy for the sister.

The only problem is that the sister is flooded with files in her document.  She needs to buy new USB to transfer her files.  It is safer to put the files in the USB.  It is easy to carry because it is very small.  She doesn’t need to bring her laptop with her all the time.  If she is tired to carry her laptop, she just copied the files to her USB and brings the USB at school.  If she needs a hard copy, she can easily open it and do the printing using the school printing.  USB is very much important for the sister now until the module provided by the government arrives.

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