Today is the day

The younger brother’s wife is five months on the way.  We are so excited because today we get to know the gender of the babies inside her womb.  I said babies because the doctor says; they will be having twins.  Awesome, right?  We are not wondering why they are having twins because it runs in the blood.  My mother gave birth to a twin before but unfortunately only one survives.  The other one got sick and died when he was eight months old.  The twins are the perfect gift from God for the brother and his wife, as well as to the family.

Thinking that the brother will be having twins excites me.  I mean, I am not excited to be their babysitter.  I am excited to see the looks of the twin and excited to know if they are identical or paternal.  Well, we will know their gender today because the brother and his wife are going to the doctor for ultrasound and check-up.  Also to confirmed if they are really having twins.  I really hope and pray it is twin because I love looking at twins.  I won’t be their babysitter for sure, however, I am pretty sure I will borrow the kids sometimes.  To my brother and to his wife, congratulations!

Anyhow, thanks to the new technology, we will get to see the gender of the angel/s early.

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