The plumber stuffs

Few months ago, our water pipe has leakage. We did not notice it until the water bill arrives and see the high amount we are going to pay. We were surprised to see our water bill that goes triple to the usual amount of the water bill. I went to the water district and verify our water bill. Right there we found out that the reason of the very high water bill is the leakage on our water pipe. We immediately contacted a plumber to help us in fixing our broken water pipe. The plumber is doing house to house job, so he has to have enough tools/stuffs he needs. While the plumber is doing his job, we are having some conversation too. Every time he gets stuff inside his bag, he is doing a little explanation about it just like when he pick up the flexible stainless steel tubing. It is nice and very high technology tools/gadgets that the plumbers are using today.  It was a nice conversation because he gives me an idea of what to in store in my brother’s tool box. He also shared his knowledge to us, which I can share to my brother so that when our pipes are in trouble again, I do not have to hire someone to fix it. My brother will do it for us.

Using the high technology gadgets, tools, materials and the likes, is indeed a big help to us because we can easily learn and fixed our broken stuffs at home.  We just have to read, explore and discover the latest in modern world.

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