The brother got a tablet

The brother is not a techie person.  He is contended with a simple mobile phone to keep connected to his family and friends.  He does dream to own a nice gadget though, dreams that according to him would remain a dream.  I can say that my brother is a simple person.  However, after seeing the different kinds of gadgets in the market, he wants to own one for his graphic designing.  Though he is a PC, still he wish to have a gadget that he can carry anywhere he goes.  A gadget that is not too heavy to carry.

I guess my brother is so lucky because the brother of his girlfriend gave him a new tablet.  Yes, he got a tablet and I am envious because I want to have one to for my online job.  I have laptop though, but it is a bit heavy compared to tablet.  I tried to borrow it from him but I got a ‘no’ answer.  Think I have to buy one soon.  Anyways, I am so happy for my brother and thankful to the sponsor.  My brother can now make lots of designs that he can use when he opens his printing business.  Good luck brother.

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